I know I’m a winter wimp. I’m just made this way. I am the first to complain when the temperature dips below 70 degrees, and the last to complain when it reaches it’s peak. But really, this is my second polar vortex for one season and I am DONE. Here is a list of things that suck about winter and make me a whiny baby:

  • can’t run outside because I wheeze
  • scraping the windshield
  • Driving blind because your windshield washer fluid FREEZES! (This is new!)
  • having to wear a hat even when you’re indoors and sit still while you write, thus NOT circulating any blood.
  • the pain of being nude when getting into and out of the shower.
  • dry skin! (Gallons of lotion needed.)
  • when you pack for a weekend you need a big suitcase to accommodate all those boots, and scarves, coats, sweaters……
  • mlminimal fruits and veggies available. And none of my favorites.
  • too cold to grill
  • too cold to go out at night so get weird from lack of socialization.
  • too much eating! Especially naughty things like chili, nachos, potatoes. We just try to soothe our miserable selves any way we can.
  • cats go bonkers inside and hate getting snow on their tiny paws!
  • Static
  • sickness (worse in winter)
  • Snowscapes are only pretty in pictures (or at the beginning of a snow storm.) The reality is ugly, brown snow piled up everywhere.
  • It looks awful when you come into my house and find wet spots, piles of outerwear, gloves flung all over the place. Bad feng shui!
  • lack of sunshine. Those long, dark nights get old!

I’m sure there are more. What ticks YOU off about this weather?

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